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I need to source 'worthy causes' and select which one to donate a few 10,000's to. Does anyone have experience of how to (properly) go about it?
One simple starting point, rule out all the well known brand charities. Sure you might feel "safer" giving to a known brand, but also your money is much more prone to wastage on all sorts of frivolities, such as paying their senior staff excessive amounts of money and plush offices in prime city centre locations.

Its not difficult, draw up a shortlist of smaller charities, look at their accounts ... if good, pay them a visit .... if still happy, write them a cheque.

Forget the idea of "tendering", you'll soon be inundated with begging letters and visiting chuggers from the big boys. Real charities won't have any spare resource to devote time to reply to a bureaucratic tendering process....

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