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Poor Beaker. He certainly looked confused about the phrase 'mid air'! He is only the head of the ATSB I guess, why would he need to know about 'mid air's'??
He would be more understanding of the words 'bonus, Montreal, tautology, Minister, spin' etc etc. It was a good thing that Darth Beaker had Sith Mrdak there to show him on paper what the Senators query was.

As for 'he who shall now be called Devo', the pot plant question was incredibly hilarious! I thought 'Devo' aka Mr Skull the pot plant man, was going to choke on his Bex!! Perhaps they are some kind of special gift pot plants that ICAO or the FAA gave Fort Fumble? Or some kind of mystical hocus pocus PNG plants that contain healing powers and soul soothing ability? Maybe they are an aphrodisiac or hold some kind or medicinal ability to heal a badly pineappled bot bot?

I can picture it now, Terry, Devo, The Doc, Adam, Herr Boyd, Sith Mrdak, Beaker all wearing pot plants on their head singing 'Working In A Coal Mine' while Big Chief Albanese plays the guitar!
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