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There was an Irish movie made about the Magdalene Sisters about 10 years ago (maybe a little earlier), telling the true story of three girls who were sent to a Magdalene home in the early 70s. At least one wasn't pregnant, but just a girl who her parents and the parish priest considered to be "heading for trouble", so they locked her away in what amounted to a prison.

'Bleak' would be a kind description of the life they lived in that place. At the end of the movie, details of what happened to all three girls in later life were given. All three ended up as really troubled adults, with totally screwed up personal lives. Multiple marriages, drugs, you name it.

I had a cousin who went to such a place at age 14 to deliver her baby 'out of sight, out of mind' in the mid 60s. She ended up committing suicide quite some years later after a pretty awful life, but I have to say, she was quite probably headed that way long before the nuns got their mitts on her.
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