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Thanks everyone for the replies.

I agree ditching the degree is my last option. I am also looking at the possiblity of transferring universities and courses to the BEng Aircraft Maintenance degree at the University of Glamorgan depending on the compatability of my current course to theirs.

The worry I have is that, although some of you have said that there are managers out there that take on older apprentices, I cannot find anyone who can offer anything at any of the airlines yet. I definitely want to go down the licensed route as that job is my first choice for career; even after 4 hours on a stormy day last June getting drenched at the foot of a platform under a Q400 wing holding jubilee clips, bolts and sockets for the engineer whilst trying to identify the issue with the de-icing system on the leading edge of the starboard wing I was thoroughly enjoying myself. May sound sad to some people but I can't think of a job I would enjoy more, the atmosphere was great, the jobs I helped on were great (even the hours where all 6ft 2 of me was crammed in the forward cargo hold of an Embraer 195 removing the non-slip floor and re-laying it was enjoyable!).

So at the moment I am panicking that I will end up at my current workplace at an outdoors shop selling boots and rucksacks for years trying to find one airline that would take me on for my EASA Part-66 B1 Licence.

Once again thanks for the replies, I've got more replies on here than all the replies I have received from airlines in total and I've emailed a lot of airlines!

P.S. I apologise for the spelling mistakes in the original post, Apple autocorrect was living up to it's fantastic reputation!
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