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Von K

You make a good point. There is supposed to be a mechanism to 'de-rate' the pension sums for those that retire early before 60 under some old terms of service - but the detail of that is yet to come (the term is "actuarially reduce " I believe?). I suspect we won't know until the New Employment Model (NEM) is published and, for some, it will probably be too late to do anything about...

For those needing to make a decision now they are simply in the "wrong place at the wrong time". Just like those Spec Aircrew types that chose not to go to PAS and AFPS05 when the schemes started up ~10 years ago...


PS - Here is link to the following quote: Future Armed Forces Pension Scheme

Under current regulations an actuarially reduced pension is payable within 5 years of the current NPA, this will continue in the new scheme and an actuarially reduced pension could be paid from age 55

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