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jobs in the airlines are no longer guaranteed thanks to the loss of bridging within CAP804
I've got to agree, although it's not just the loss of bridging, it's the expectation by the airlines that their first officers will be spotty oiks straight out of school. Speaking from a FJ pilot perspective, an second career with the airlines appears to be very much harder to achieve now than, say, 10-15 years ago. Those of my acquaintances who have done it have all had wives with significant income to keep the family afloat during the 'lean' early years, and have had the benefit of influential contacts within airlines. I think there are far more FJ people looking away from flying for their second career than was the case before. Things should be different for the multi-engine crowd, assuming any value is placed on their experience....

As for PA / AFPS 05, one thing about it that grips my sh*t is when 'average' front-line people qualify on the basis of 'above-average' performances on instructional tours, and then spend the majority of their time as PA back on the front-line and unable to contribute in the capacity intended by the scheme. When we do get lucky and get a PA QWI or EWI, they really are worth the money.
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