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Not always Sunfish I was on a JQ flight from NTL to OOL or I was suposed to be. The A/C had a problem at the Goldie, it was fixed or suposed to have been but half way through the flight the problem started again, ( (I had no privy to the problem but there was much opening and closing of cowlings, much engine run ups, and much shaking of heads. Finally we boarded, still with much discussion between Skipper and LAME, and then the Skipper refused to accept the aircraft, (so would have I, I imagine). So off we trooped, for the elderly and people will little kids, much effort was made to get them on a Virgin flight or alt on the QF NTL/BNE. The rest of us got meal vouchers a full explanation, a cab chit back to NTL for those who preferred to have another go the next day etc. It was handled with professionalism and politeness. THEN when we finally arrived in OOL, no bay. You know the feeling, so WTF do you want me to do with the PAX? Of course take them on a cooks tour of the taxiways pointing out places of interest like the rabbit burrows, and perhaps the desalination plant. Our Skipper by then had had a gutful oddly enough, and explained thru gritted teeth that his day had not been as smooth as usual, but his apologies all round for the inconvenience, the hold up, and hoped it had not ruined the start of their holiday. Full marks to the crew of JQ 492, who handled the whole thing beautifully and also to the NTL ground staff.
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