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Delaying acceleration until Engine is secure, Airbus style:

This is an extract from the Airbus (manufacurer's) FCTM following an engine failure after V1.


The PNF will closely monitor the aircraft's flight path. He will cancel any Master Warning/Caution and read the ECAM title displayed on the top line of the E/WD. Procedures are initiated on PF command. No action is taken (apart from cancelling audio warnings through the MASTER WARNING light) until:

The appropriate flight path is established and,
The aircraft is at least 400 ft above the runway.
A height of 400 ft is recommended because it is a good compromise between the necessary time for stabilization and the excessive delay in procedure initiation. Priority must be given to the control of the aircraft trajectory. Once the PF has stabilized the flight path, the PNF confirms the failure and the PF orders ECAM actions.

The flight crew should delay the acceleration for securing the engine.
An engine is considered as secured when the ECAM actions of the procedures are performed until:
"ENG MASTER OFF" for an engine failure without damage
"AGENT 1 DISH" for an engine failure with damage
Fire extinguished or "AGENT 2 DISH" for an engine fire.

Note: If the decision has been taken to delay the acceleration, the flight crew must not exceed the engine out maximum acceleration altitude. (The engine out maximum acceleration altitude corresponds to the maximum altitude that can be achieved with one engine out and the other engine(s) operating at takeoff thrust for a maximum of 10 min.). END.

Trouble is everyone knows better than the manufacturer or even the previous Chief Pilot and Chief Training Captain etc and impose their personal biases on SOPs. I don't know when this combination of accelerating whilst completing the ECAM procedure started i.e. Stop ECAM Flaps one; Continue ECAM; Stop ECAM Flaps zero but its messy potentially dangerous and quite unnecessary. how long does it take to secure an engine? I work for a company which does it like this but I continue to hope they will see the light of day.

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