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Originally Posted by Tableview View Post
They wanted independence, they threw out the whites who made the country work, and then they sit with the begging bowl when things go wrong. Is there a lesson in that?
I agree, "they" wanted their independence.

Also, to put things into perspective. Most of the frontiers in Africa were artificially drawn on a map by "us" colonialists and our interests.
With what I believe was a total disregard of local conditions. Never ethnic groups were taken into account.

As an example, there is 80 distinct one for Central Africa Republic alone. Each with their own language. 190+ for a country like Chad, etc....
A little like how Europe was looking back in the Middle Age. It took a few centuries and WWII to get things sorted out (with United States help duh!!)
So I'm not expecting miracles in Africa.
It is a bit like asking a two years old to run a marathon. He will, just give him time.

On a side cynical note, I always thought that only dictators could reins all those differences. Mobutu in Zaire was a good example (250 ethnic group!)

Disclaimer: I partly grew up in "Tchad & Centrafique" hence my personal interest in this domain.
Spelling, grammar & syntax mistakes are not alcohol induced...

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