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way back when ....

sometime around the "feed the world" nonsense a newspaper chappie whose name I cannot recall (sort of male version of Janet Street Porter) was given the 5-minute "issues" spot on BBC2 (or maybe Ch4)

Caused a bit of a furore because he was against sending food aid to africa...
as he said (I paraphrase) "They were starving in africa before I was born, they've been starving in africa throughout my life and they're still starving in africa and sending them food aid is a watse of time until they've sorted out all their other problems"

Of course there was much wailing & gnashing of teeth, shaprening of back-stabbing equipment & general denigration of the chap.

Big problem for the left-wing pinko liberal commie huggy-fluffies was that (from memory) he was something very senior at that well known right wing paper The Mirror

And yes, I agreed with him then and I still agree with his sentiments
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