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It appears to be software you have authorised yourself as part of a download (I understand Brothersoft use this) and is not considered to be 'malicious' and therefore the AV stuff will not remove it. There is always the possibility that you had a virus which 'facilitated' the programme so maybe try Malware bytes in safe mode.You have not said which browser nor have you said where the 'problem' appears - is it in search/toolbar or as home page?? If IE have a look in 'add-ons'. This came from a recent thread

If you mean Internet Explorer check your Add-ons, (Tools > Manage Add-ons). Look for any that suggest they may be a Conduit add-on or toolbar and disable it. Close that Manage Add-ons Window. For good measure, goto the View menu option in the menu bar, (if you cannot see it, press the ALT key on the keyboard), then Tools > Toolbars, then look for any Conduit toolbar and de-select it.

If Conduit shows as a Search bar in IE, right click it and see what options there are. Disable if you can.

Then back to Tools > Internet Options, General tab and make sure there is 'only one' entry for your preferred home page. If there are two joined together or on two lines, delete the unwanted one.

If you have something other than IE, then look for similar options.

and if it is a toolbar here is another

Removal instructions are here.

If you have IE, also see here.
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