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Pardon my ignorance, but you have the most powerful military in the world, which rather takes care of the external aggression; then you have the National Guard which meets the "well regulated militia" requirement. I can't quite fathom the *need* to own assault weapons by civilians.

I also can't quite fathom the NRA stance that gun laws don't work, not even registration, but register all the mentally ill will somehow stop mass killings. Curious logic, but if you chaps feel that shooting your own children is an acceptable way of living who are we to argue?

Yes, it's a curious thing... NRA dogma has it that controls on guns would be difficult or impossible to carry out, unconstitutional and symptomatic of excessive federal government (something that the right-wing types especially oppose)... yet they propose controls on mentally-ill people?

I mean... a gun is relatively easy to identify (hey - it's a gun, they're fairly distinctive in appearance!) but a mentally-ill person? How on earth do you identify one of them? Before they go off the rails, I mean - which is supposedly the point. Compulsory psychological screening for all American citizens old enough to carry or fire a gun? Even if such a thing was practical and reliable (and as far as I am aware it's neither) it would surely require a police-state level of intrusion into the lives of American citizens that would have had Lavrentiy Beria salivating. And then what for those found 'guilty' - curfews, house arrest, detention camps? Compulsory drug 'treatment', electroshock therapy, lobotomies?

Of course, the NRA are likely only shoving that proposal out as a desperate attempt to deflect even a portion of the attention and blame coming their way - they're not proposing policy, just mindlessly opposing anything that might threaten their own precious position. Mindless, careless, totally lacking in responsibility. What fine, upstanding citizens...
They truly are part of the problem, not anything approaching part of the solution.
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