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Originally Posted by MarkerInbound View Post
United will be hiring but still have 1400 out on the street. Their furloughees still have 7 or 8 years of recall rights. Many of them have found something to pay their bills so they may pass on the recall for a few years to see how things shake out. Which means the people hired off the street will be at the bottom of the list for a long time.
Yeah, most of UAL furloughees won't be coming back in 2013 anyway and not until the SLI goes into arbitration and the matter is resolved anyway. There will be some new hires (e.g. a few dozen 737-900ERs are coming into the line, although the 57 will begin to be phased out at the same time) but with more than 1,400 people out there, as MarkerInbound points out, (who have bypass rights), it's hard to make a prediction. And most of them will wait for another 4 years, in the least, before opting to enter a new class and re-join the company.

I think, locblue, that with your 'jacket', which is very strong, you could bid for some of those DEC schemes in the Middle East. After all, come to think of it, it would take less to meet the licence requirements and validation of the corresponding civil authorities' and the company's, that to wait for a green card in the US.

Edit: Merry Christmas!

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