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Mmmmm ...
I vaguely remember I had about 2500 hrs when the company I worked for let me loose in their SA330J (steam driven Puma) as captain albeit with a senior co-pilot .... that was in 1982 ... to this day I still wonder just what they were thinking !!
Looking back, I think the RAF were more than a bit optimistic and over-trusting when they let me go tasking by myself in one of her Majesty's Puma HC1s at the age of 23. Especially at 100 feet MSC (probably 200 feet until fully combat ready 6 months later). Thankfully, they did crew me up with someone with a lot of experience and self preservation - and access to a fireaxe, so I'm still around 33 years later!

We also had one captain who was only 21 years old!
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