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"Three things...No 1: This is a non-issue...."
You don't say what you mean by "non-issue."

The event itself is serious. The intent of an internal (airline, not Transport Canada) investigation under SMS is to find out why the event occurred and make changes where indicated. If the airplane performed incorrectly the reasons will be discovered and communicated to the appropriate parties so the problem can be addressed. If the crew performed incorrectly, that will be discovered and a review of procedures, of the SOPs carried out on the subject flight, and perhaps some training will take place if mistakes were made and then they'll be returned to the line. That's what I would call a "non-issue", and that's how it's done under SMS.

"No 2: "Automation seems to always come into the conversation when discussing these issues," and
"Automation" has not been discussed in this thread.

"3: A previous poster hit it on the head....A Canadian Newspaper from an area in Canada where (god forbid) French is widely spoken..."
French is widely spoken in Quebec and much less so throughout Canada although there are many French-immersion schools across the country. You should learn a bit about your neighbour to your north

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