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No ad for Ratlink Captahab, just a step that amazes me.

TN and AN back in the dark ages would use "rationalisation" protocols and cull a couple of flights each on Christmas day, but would still ensure the service was there and available.

I acknowledge Digaf in the the statement of the load factors and Rex is performing beautifully with profit considering the state of the economy. That just seems to make this more perplexing. The schedule has dropped from a basic weekday schedule of 10 movements to 8. There is a definite sniff of Burnie Council subsidy here and after the alleged subsidy disappeared so did the extra flight. No way of knowing as the Council is a secret society and aobviously the locals are not in the "need to know" category.

Fact is Ratlink is carrying double the passengers out of DPO compared to BWT. The BWT fares are generally higher but not so much in high traffic times. The difference in passenger levels has never been greater and no blame can be apportioned to Rex for that. The State Government in particular the tree hugger component have a lot to answer for in that regard.

The lack of oncarriage fares to international services is also a turnoff whereas you can have your fare commence in DPO and finish is JNB for example, with your bags through checked and the Airline responsible for you all the way with connections and support. This applies QF to QF, BA, EK and a bunch of other carriers.

Bottom line is that I am amazed that Rex is not offering at least a limited service on 25 DEC.

It's a bit like El Al in years past not flying on the Sabbath.

Best all


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