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What a saga.
Showed Mrs G the pics of The Bash and when she saw the one of JF and me she said ''who's hat are you wearing?'' ''It belongs to John, the other guy in the pic'' I replied. ''Well who's hat is he wearing?'' ''That's Dave's,'' I said.
''Why are you all wearing each others hats'', ''well we just did'' I said, a bit lamely. ''I do like John's hat, why don't you buy one, looks better than the flat cap you wear ''!

Seeing an opportunity I asked, '' Why don't you buy me one for Christmas?''
''Good idea, you order it and I'll give you the money''
Having been rather taken by John's hat meself, result thought I.
Onto the 'net, 100's of hats but which one was the same as Johns? PM John, ask the makers name, prompt reply, from John, with info and place of purchase. So back onto the net but seems they're out of stock everywhere, except Oz. Phone John's shop who confirm they can no longer get them.

Buggerit I thought I'll go direct to Oz makers. 15mins later hat ordered, be here in 10 days! Have I told Mrs G the cost of postage? No!

I told you it was a saga.
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