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That is, he confused an assumption of lights with the stars and had by that stage gone inverted.
Scary tale, TET.

For me, that's one of the key points with the IF training - if you're under the grip of a visual illusion at night, or anywhere for that matter, if you've developed that ingrained response to get on the AI (or whatever you've got available) and get your scan going, plus you've done unusual attitude recovery training, you've got a good chance, not least because you'll probably pick errors up before they have a chance to develop into bad situations.

The fundamental thing in the NVFR training we did was that it was an IF/visual combo - all attitudes set and maintained on the AI, good instrument scan for altitudes and headings, plus a diligent lookout for traffic and your ground lights for approaches or whatever you were doing.

The natural habit pattern to set up a turn, for example, might be to look out in the direction you want to go and make control inputs while you're still looking that way, so at first it might seem unnatural to have to drag your eyes inside to the AI to make a specific attitude change. It's a whole different scan to either day VFR or full IF, and probably harder work I reckon.
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