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but Dave your so called honest attempts to explain that a glider only has 3 forces acting on it was wrong, and it seems once challenged you just resort to insults.

You claimed that a glider only has 3 forces acting on it, yet in the very same article you linked it even states that the glider has 4 forces acting on it.

So to say you clearly have a background in the subject when all you rely on is google is a bit rich and highly insulting to those of that rely do have a background in aeronautical engineering.

When you fail to win the argument on substance you result to syntax then finally to insults - classic troll behaviour pattern.

i have repeatedly stated that my aerodynamics is flawed, i am a thermodynamic engineer who designs jet engines for living, yet when i ask to be enlightened by the "experts" there is no reply.

It seems a trait here is that people just want to pull every poster down and show the world they are cleverer than the poster rather than actually discussing a subject, as you have shown without resorting to insults when you can't win.

Maybe you would also like to reflect on your posts, re read them and realise that maybe just for this one in a million possibility that you were not correct in stating a glider has only 3 forces acting on it. Oh and i didn't see 3 or 4 other posters supporting your claim as to only 3 forces acting on it, just yours.

Kind regards.

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