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SUB - I don't know your background. But if you had time on 4 eng aircraft you would know that an engine failure is not an emergency. You do not have to declare a pan for an engine failure on a 4 eng aircraft. There is no pressure, the company will not say - YOU MUST LAND YOUR AIRCRAFT HERE. They will provide information from their point of view, and as captain, you decide whether you will use their advice or not. It is part of CRM
Ex-380, I haven't flown any other jet In my career other than a four engine jet, and I agree, a straight forward failure is not a big deal. However, taking into consideration your point in space at the time of the said failure I would be very hesitant to leave the airspace of a major port and fly eight hours because I can. I would still return or divert to the most suitable airport for the pax/crew/company/ and me. If that's eight hours so be it, but if it's two hours guess where I'm going?

Maybe im not as brave as some!

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