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Good luck with the weight loss. There seems to be some good advice here... Lose weight - Live Well - NHS Choices

It's worth remembering the importance of the balance between activity and fuel-seeking exercise that makes you puffy and red in the face will burn calories.

If things remain static, it may be worth having a word with your GP, as he may access to low level interventions (health promotion team/trainers and the like) who may be able to give you the encouragement you need.

My personal opinion is try and stay away from medicines aimed at weight loss, (orlistat and the like), as they appear not to reap long term benefits.

From experience on this forum, the medics start getting a bit twitchy when your BMI reaches 40 kg/m>2.

As a sturdy chapp myself, I found cockpits rather cramped, and it may be that you need a larger aircraft to learn, (which is more expensive and I found harder to land). Having a 9 stone intructor helps.

My first passenger on gaining my PPL was also a sturdy chap, and it was quite disconcerting to nearly do an "Alan Sugar" bumping down 27 at Barton ! (And yes, I did do the calculations)

The hearing check for a class 2 medical is rather subjective- it involves the AME whispering at the side of your head and asking you to repeat what he says. If you don't hear him, he moves closer until you do !

Class 1 medical is a different kettle of fish, I think there checks are more objective, headphones and the like.

Let us know how you get on for future reference
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