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Dear, cgwhitemonk11

Yes you lost your money but you've been smarter than any of us , i spent almost twice the money you lost hopeing in a better future that did not came, after the last pay cut and after i heard my son calling my father Daddy ( my family is leeving with my parents becouse i can not affort the rent for them ) i've realized that i'm loosing my life so , don't be shy my friend , you did the right thing screwing up this BS.

Personally I know several people who disagree with me and are currently in
the middle of line training programs, mostly unhappy, but will defend there
decisions to the end...
Yes, it's a kind of Psycological reaction, kind of stoccolma sindrome where you love your kidnapper !! I was like that as well but now... after 3 years that banks are continously knocking my door as they want money back, my father feeding my family, i'm a pubblic failure , i can not hide anymore.... so here i am....

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