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So, I see you three have been appointed "Air Traffic Controllers" of the PPRuNe USA Politics -Hamster Wheel, who posts, who shouldn't and posting content as well. I imagined freedom of speech was a Conservative virtue whereas in a dictatorial situation it is scorned upon. You can't have your cake and eat it, too. So which is it?
I missed that on my first response to your rambling post.

TurbineD, there is already a very long thread running about Climate Change here in JetBlast. I, not speaking for the others, do not wish to re-hash the same subject over and over again that has already been covered on that thread about Climate Change.

If you wish to start discussing climate change here, instead of on the thread already running, that is your prerogative and you will probably receive the same response.

Re-entry wanted to push his propaganda of AGW as the cause of Hurricane Sandy. This is not the thread for that, the Climate Change thread is the place for his nonsense.

Otherwise, there would be no need for different threads for different subjects. There would be just one thread for all subjects.

The most efficient moderation is self moderation by the members of the website. But that does not always work. I, we, were just trying to keep things on tract and keep subjects where they belong to avoid unnecessary repetition.

If you disagee, so be it.
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