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Dear jaocastro

I'm not going to tell you do it or not, i'm going to tell you that if you're looking for an answer this forum or any other it's really the wrong place to look for it .... i did find my answer in this way and i did the biggest mistake of my life immediately after... here you will find a discrete number of people (TRTO, Agencies, flying schools) direcly interested in getting people like you and me involved in their scam , they will feed your your burning dream with plenty of gasoline talking about " THE GREAT PILOT SHORTAGE " , great working opportunities after 500LT, 777 employed after 500LT, maybe true or maybe you will end up like me and many other Pilots ( i personally know) the don't even have the courage to loose their face comeing here to tell the ugly truth...

I'm currently empolyed in asia from 3 years in a very expensive 737 Line training program , i've direct experience , please feel free to ask anything but don't post me in private like many others are doing , ask me here where anybody can read .....

I'm personally trying to convince some of my collegues to come here at least 20 minutes aevery day ( not easy to find 20 minutes when you fly 110 hours a month ) and write about their experience, so it can become an even fight against this scammy no soul Liars !!
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