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This idea that GRU & JFK are not causing fatigue is rubbish.

The difference was that when we started operating the pairings we were flying 75-78 per month with the ability to get 5+ consecutive block days off to achieve recovery. This is no longer the case.

If we were to start the GRU/JFK ASRs now recognizing the punitive nature mgt react to those not towing the line - then we could be putting ourselves into a tricky situation.

We all know what happened with GIG-EZE... A widely quoted and reported meeting took place where a certain dept said: "let's try the shuttle and see how they react". Thankfully we reacted.

Now if an incident/accident were to occur as a result of fatigue on the IAD pairing and we as pilots did not register our concern (assuming they are legit - have not done it yet)... Then to a point - we are somewhat covered.

If we do nothing and the event occurs on your watch and you cry: "fatigue!" cue the response from mgt "This pairing has had no reports of fatigue - so that's not the issue here"

To quote a wise Dutch politician : "Thus far, but no further"

Because when Philly, Detroit, Chicago, Atlanta & Miami come - Boston out because of JFK precedent - we better have the line drawn on safety or someone is going to get hurt


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