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Originally Posted by Nautilus Blue
is that near MRW, and why distance GEL? I didn't think the airline I thought you flew for went there?
Hal auto tunes any VORs within 130nm, unless the crew overrides him. We do go there on occasion; last time was a @#$% rescue.

At TOD a 737 will often look to be anything up to 4-5 minutes early based on groundspeed, which is why we nag about making your time. Sometimes this means you have actually overtaken the aircraft you are supposed to be following. The 737 can't have descent until it's 5 miles behind, it won't get 5 miles behind until it slows down, and it can't slow down until it descends.
Been in that situation twice. The 737 was so far in front (later FFT) it was never going to work, so we negotiated a sequence change. All went well after that. Maybe we got sucked in!

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