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Dear Tony, one is concerned....

So, Charles has been putting pressure on Government.......

Dominic Grieve said the Prince’s letters were “particularly frank” and would “potentially have undermined his position of political neutrality” if published.
Attorney General blocks release of Prince Charles letters to avoid 'serious damage' to his future as king - Telegraph

Much as I detest Blair/Brown and the Labour party, HRH has no right to interfere with the executive, and he is not yet the Monarch FFS!

This bodes badly for the time when he does eventually sit on the throne, we all know that her Majesty offers words of "advice", but outright meddling should not be tolerated. Mummy should give him a cuff round the ear with the Royal Mace.

I suspect some, or all of the letters will emerge due to the leakiness of government, either maliciously or by design. Something I look forward to.
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