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Howdy Fropilot...

Yes, it is not necessary to take note of the flying pilot's stick work. It is also not possible, so would appear to be inarguable as well. per BEA notation.

The MP does just that "Here, and Here, and here...." "The three say we go up, so go down," etc.

Captain, "Climb please..." PF, "But I have held back the stick this while..." etc.

So we know the circumstances on the flight deck, without question:

1. Cross checks were done, and

2. Both non-handling pilots could not see the controls being operated by the PF.


3. It was not enough that cross checks were both available and utilised, and

4. Had the controls been visible, a separate solution could have begun, and

5. The solution, being unavailable BY DESIGN, was prevented, and the a/c crashed

Because the stick was not visible? That case can be made, and I make it. BEA go so far as to bracket the above exchange between Pilot Flying, and the Captain.

So it is established that BEA think,

1. It is important to note stick is not visible, and.

2. The Captain cannot see it, so

3. The Captain offers the solution, "Let's climb," and the PF says essentially, "I have been, all this while.

So you need to ask yourself, if the Captain found out early enough that the RH stick was pulled back, would he have figured out the attitude was arrived at, and held, by command, not some unknown and perplexing development?

The three pilots and 225 others were dropping at 180 miles an hour, one assumes a sense of urgency on the flight deck......

You say instruments were or should have been sufficient, I say they were not.

What would the Captain have said? Another comment missing on the CVR.....

I was shown what happens to an a/c when back stick is held in STALL, before I had twenty hours. Did this Captain forget? Never knew?

For the record, what is addressed in this post is what the BEA reported, visibility of side stick from each position is not available. I have built on that data to further a theory, do I need to look on the bottom of the page? Shall I suggest another word? Solypsis?

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