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Mismanagement mainly - recruitment and training was severely reduced, to be followed several years later by the remarkable realisation they had an aging workforce, and the mad scrabble to rebuild recruitment levels when you no longer have the resources and staff to achieve it.

Many groups can't easily release staff to fill vacancies elsewhere because it would leave them shorter of staff than they already are. Privatisation was the aim at one stage, not any more.

It's simply a matter of trying to get suitably qualified bums in seats - you aren't doing anyone out of a job or a chance at moving to Sydney or Perth. You aren't being used to undermine terms and conditions.

My understanding is you start somewhere in the middle of the pay scales, I guess depending on experience and what you can negotiate, and from there progress as per locally recruited controllers. Aside from not starting at the bottom you're treated exactly the same as a local recruit.

I work with a number of controllers who came from overseas - mainly UK and South Africans, although there have been a couple of Danes, and I don't think anyone sees foreign recruits as a problem - you'll just be another controller. You'll fit in or not depending on you as an individual, not where you're from. My immediate group has people from the UK, US, Canada, Vietnam, Philippines and Peru, as well as a few Aussies

This thread would probably be more suitable: http://www.pprune.org/atc-issues/311...c-testing.html

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