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I don't particularly care what goes on in Beijing or Shanghai. I say again, Fault: "You obviously have very little idea how the WA airspace runs because if we just got "slowed/vectored as required" without COBTs it would be a total shambles."

And as far as I am aware, no, they don't use COBTs and slot times in "busy" Europe.
Nah, doesn't sound like it...

Airport Coordination Limited - Gatwick Airport

More for you: read the first para in the box, Airdualbleedfault:

Airport Slots

Google indeed.

Originally Posted by Fault
As far as my faux paw (sic), that is an " average " movements per hour for a SINGLE runway airport versus a " max " number of 24 for a 2 runway airport which I am told gets reduced to 16 when inst app in use. Gatwick handles around 4 times the traffic per month that Perth does.
So Perth has a movement rate of 24 an hour in good weather, does it?

Sequencer said in 2011: "40 (departures & arrivals) an hour would be moved on a regular basis".

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