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As a systems operator, shouldn't more information be available, not less? Certainly as to the hardware's relationship to its fluid environment?

Problem #1 Zero tactile feedback, flying pilot must rely on instruments alone to negotiate the a/c attitude.

Problem #2 Zero awareness of control system status by back up pilot, due isolated back up controller, and unavailable visual cues.

(BUT I have far less sense of what the airplanes doing than I had in the Boeing, especially when PNF.) ....quote/unquote

Hi HazelNuts39 i understand completely your pov. It is all there in the traces, and makes for a very clear report of the data, so we can get a handle on what happened. My pov is simply that given the available data at the time, and the obstacles encountered, we simply cannot use the record to determine the actions of the pilots, in regards to their decision making.

We can "should" on them forever, the reality is there were things they could not surmount. I am starting with crap CRM, and nonexistent awareness of inputs, all pilots. For it is clear that PF was not aware of the results, and his mates were unaware of his inputs.

That is two separate issues, and if the first one is solved in time, no crash. But it is the most difficult to suss, his actions make little sense.

The second issue is the complete lack of knowledge of the pilot's commands.

This is the back up solution that had no chance of success.

One can say, "that's just the way it is".... Or "other aircraft crash too"..

Or, one can say, "can we improve this, so that we eliminate the obstacle to recovery of the flight path in the future"?

From "rubbish" to "can we have driven and connected sticks?" it is a continuum.

Designers work hard to anticipate and model for things that may never happen.

But when something happens that was predicted, and undesigned for, the industry cannot simply say: "other aircraft have crashed also"

Can they?

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