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Because it is clear there was no agreement on the attitude, for whatever either one was doing. if the "swell graph" was displayed for both pilots, both pilots have bankable data, and the confusion is solved...

To me this is simple. PF did not understand what was going on with the aircraft, and the PNF knew he was confused, or would not have directed him as he did.
The PNF was basing his get on "The Three", which BEA conclude caused him confusion, in the form of 'Loss of Faith' in the Panel....

All during the climb to STALL, and there was nothing but climb, both were confused...Whatever the source of confusion, the flight path was salvageable until loss of propulsive and Lift ceilings.

If the PNF was content to allow PF to continue the climb, he could have used a clue that presented him with the reason, which he suspected, but could not conclude....the pull on the stick on the right...

Give him that knowledge, in the form of connected and inter visible Sticks, and there is no crash...
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