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"That is not correct. The sidestick which was predominantly nose-up until 02:10:24 was predominantly nose-down between 02:10:26 and 02:10:40"

Yet the a/c continued up and up, the flight path was smooth as was trend, Vs.

No? I can appreciate your reference to the traces. If only PF and his MP could have seen the merged lines on that swell graph.

Instead, the PF had the stick until way past too late.

All the way UP. When the a/c went 1.65 G, that is me clocking the RHS with my right hand, and taking control with my left.

Point is, PF got the benefit of the doubt from rhe outset, right to "TireX3"

Originally Posted by BEA Final Report and

"The PNF’s intervention prompted the PF to apply inputs that reduced the pitch attitude, which had exceeded 10 degrees. Although the PF agreed that the objective should be to lose altitude, his inputs maintained the aeroplane on an ascending flight path."

Hind sight, as pretty as it was useless.

Airbus can take pilots back to basics all day long, that won't fix what 447 LHS faced. He had no damning evidence to take back control from the flying pilot.

His less than explicit trust in the panel,

The PNF detected the climb based on observation and reasoning (“according to all three you’re climbing”), which indicates the beginning of a loss of confidence in the instrument readings. In particular, he asked the PF to stabilise, to pay attention to the airspeed and to descend.

and the short conversations he did have with PF were not enough, in the absence of "But I am pulling up. All this while..."

Which came too late by 3.5 minutes. Left hand seat sees the RHS sidestick, Or feels it pushing his left hand backwards, he takes control, and the planet keeps 228 souls on board...


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