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Hey, I'm not that much of a cowboy, gents! To elaborate, in our neck of the woods ATC is not very busy save for certain times of day, we have a great deal of VMC, and fly several short sectors a day. So, the opportunity for an unrestricted descent from TOD to a visual approach and landing is fairly common, at least a couple times a day most of the time. By idle to 1000 of course I do not mean CLEAN until 1000 AGL; just fully configured and spooling up around there as a target. Usually begin configuring / decelerating from 250 around 2500-3000 feet and 10-ish miles out, maintaining idle thrust until the gear is down, then bringing it up to a minimum spool setting around 1500 feet, setting final flaps around 1200 so as to be just powering up and settling onto Vapp at 1000 or so (if it all works out). If it seems like we are going high can always swing the gear earlier, if going low can always hang it on the slats and stretch it out a little with a decelerating glide. And of course that all goes out the window in weather or during rush hour traffic.

Flying a decelerating approach profile to 1000 AGL to join a stabilized final to the runway keeps the fuel burns low and the skill set sharp. It makes the day more challenging due to the "hands-on" engagement with the aircraft required of the procedure, and is very enjoyable to do when it all comes together. It gives a smooth ride with minimal deck angle or power changes, as well as remaining WELL within all stabilized approach parameters. And of course the beer will be on the last day of the trip..... but it sounds like it might be a lost cause, anyway!

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