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Is PicMas with WF? Didn't know that!
To answer your Q; anyone meeting the credentials is welcome to apply. The process is debated in aborter thread, so I won't bring it up now. If accepted, and all requirements are met, the applicant will (at some time in the future...) be contacted with a starting date and a contract for permanent employment (yes, permanent) and further details. The applicant is considered a WF employee from day 1, and is treated accordingly. You ask if, e.g. FR or DY pilots (former) are treated differently than others? Absolutely not. We are all colleagues who work together (not split/divided), with mutual respect, and have a great time doing it. There are a lot of pilots with various backgrounds who apply to WF. Some make it and some don't. Including the FR and DY pilots you mention.
There is nothing wrong with pilots seeking to better their TCs. This should really go without saying. Back in the day, pilots would aim for the big jets (747) for their career goals. Big jets = big bucks and favorable nightstops. Pilots put in the work, did their time, and finally made it (not all, but some - to keep the dream alive for the newbies). Nowadays everyone still has the same dream, but everyone is so afraid of getting bypassed that they pay their way up the ladder. Problem is, this isn't the same ladder. The bar has been raised, cashwise, for employment (which for all practical purposes isn't a complete employment package), thus bringing the TCs down. Now, legacy airlines (mind I did not say majors), struggle to compete with LoCos on many of the same routes, but having quite inferior (and often totally unacceptable conditions for the seasoned pilot) TCs. That's one battlefront. Another one is the competition with the ME airlines who fly around with governmentsponsored fuel. And now, BK wants the Norwegian government to change the rules regarding crew nationalitites (cabincrew to begin with) so he can keep pressing TCs further down the drain.
So please tell me, how far is far enough? When has the rubbel band been stretched far enough, and where/when will it snap? What is your own role in this game?
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