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Not trying to defame you, so you could have got 747 rating for just few hundred dollars! Vow that sounds good PicMas!

I will pretend I believe you on that one!

Point is that all depending on where we are in our career we will look for what chances we have and how the market is!

At moment it is dire, and a lot have changed since you got inside!
USA is not the instructor market it used to be, due to major changes in visa regulations!

Turbo props don't hire low hour pilots here and biz. Prop or Jet have higher requirements to get a job than airlines have.

Every job that gets announced have few thousand applications!

RYR have so many applications that they can be very selective!

The never pay for TR is nice in an ideal world, but I notice more and more TRTOs are run by pilots, from majors!
Hmm isn't this than a bit ironic!

Lo Co companies will never take over the market, they have increased the demand for pilots over the years, now people either gain few thousand hours and move on to majors or they stay and get their command!

Your approach is to attack the weakest, and again it will never happen, the majors are more than happy to take a RYR pilot who has done 4 sectors a day, with loads of airline experience!

The idea that let the company go bust unless we get what we want is also selfish, I know Spanair pilots with over 10000 hours who can't get a job, because experience on wrong type!

It's tough out there for everybody, and you see for yourself, you also so high and allmighty considered to pay for your own TR if the situation was just right!

You are a hypocrit PicMas! That's the truth!
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