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On the road again

Cessna95, you're not trying to pin point down who I am are you??? haaaaa

Anyway, all the expats, with the exception of the few FO's that are taking the local upgrade deal, or is it just one, I'm not sure, have been given December 19 as the Adios date. A few of us are completing the current contract in November. So, as of December 20, I don't think you're going to see too many expats with the exception of the new guys that just got hired under local terms and the one or two that upgraded. But, I left out the very best part till last....

As part of the new Pilot code of conduct, you must be contactable on your days off. You must ask for written permission to leave your base, for example, you have 2 days off and you want to run up to Hong Kong.

If Cebu calls you for a trip on your day off you cannot refuse! Yes! There you have it ladies. The very best, kept for last. All days off are considered stand-by days. How's that for a finely oiled machine.
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