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The lack of tactile feedback is a flaw.

The question is: what is the benefit of it with respect to conventional systems? (other than less weight?)

I don't have statistics. How many accidents have happened due to a malfunction of the AT servos or interlinking mechanisms of the yokes?

I have flown 5,000 on airbus fbw, and I like it and understand it very well, but a pilot must know the weaknesses of its airplane very intimately. Sidestick malfunctions are tricky and very dangerous in the most exposed situations (take off and flare). The ATHR interface is cool, but it takes time and many sims to make it part of your instinct. They should include a separate section for ATHR use in thr FCTM. I have seen many times in the sim pilots confused by the thrust lock cautions every second, and the thrust levers unattended for too long. It is not enough to say aviate, navigate and communicate. Thrust handling is part of aviate, and so understands it airbus, since you have THR LK amber in the PFD. it should be stressed that the ECAM caution has less priority than many other failures, and so you hear the master caution but you cant read the ECAM. But the PFD is there.

I also would like airbus to give more guidelines regarding the "automation level appropriate for the task" thing, because airlines interpret that as full automation unless there is malfunction, and that makes not sense
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