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More pool info....

Hi folks,
Was interviewed in May, waited for ages for a reply and heard just last month that I was in. Been flying the 777 as an S/O (a fully rated one though not a cruise pilot) for 4000 with a carrier that has almost no movement. I was hoping to be in Doha by now but my email of 'congrats' said I'd hear more at the end of November.
Judging by what other pilots here have said I am a little confused. If there are 500 in the pool and even if they could recruit 70 a month and I was near the bottom of that pool and some guys had decided to go elsewhere......it would be 6 months from now (end of March) by the time I got started. But somebody mentioned that people being interviewed NOW would likely get a start EARLY next year. The numbers don't seem to support that.
Any other speculators out there (preferably people that work with QR already or know a very talkative friend who works there)?
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