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PIlotchute, $1750/month for a 1 bedder, that was in a good area in Sydney right ? That will get you a place that is advertised as 550' (more like 400) in an average area in HK (maybe DB), not Soho or mid levels. Car space 200/month, good luck even getting a space in HK, maybe 3-400AUD a month in Tung Chung. BTW, petrol is 2aud/litre, there are tolls everywhere, if you wanna drive an older 6 or 8 cyl it will cost a lot more than oz in insurance/rego.

If you buy a place and then want to rent it out, you have to have min 30% equity in it and all rental income is taxed, there is no negative gearing. Also remember if you wish to return to Oz, all foreign income has to be declared to the ATO, likely you will have to pay tax in Oz also.

As for how to tell which girls are the hookers in Wanchai, that's easy, it's the girls talking to you
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