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Hi all,

I'm replying to this thread as an actual pilot on the A320 fleet.

I am one of the substandard Southern European pilots. It is true most of us guys have 10000 hours plus, most of those on type, gained within busy European airspace flying into challenging airports. I must admit our RT may not be up to level 6 standard but then again neither is most of the RT I have heard in HK airspace and that includes some of the major HK carriers. My logbook and that of all my collegues was checked and triple checked by CAD, they even wanted proof of cross country hours flown in 1991. So if a few guys with false licences and Parker Pen logbooks managed to get through then please tell me how they did it.

I have been in the company a little over 7 months, so far I have come across great professionals from all over, yes that includes Philipines, Malasia, and the most of the countries of South America. Unfortunately most of you will never have a chance to appreciate the talent and professionalism of most of these guys. The atmosphere on the flight deck and in the office is friendly and professional. I have never once in my time at HKA been asked to come into the office and do any sort of paperwork. Neither has it been implied that brown nosing is the route to a fast track command. As far as I am aware it is based strictly on seniority.

I found our CRM course to be informative, well taught and most of all interesting, one of the few I haven't found myself nodding off in the middle of. I have never seen the track suited TRE. All of our training is done in uniform and in the sim we are allowed to dress casual but smart.

The company is young and expanding exponentially, it is true that the rest of the departments are playing catch up and the CAD were probably right in slowing down our growth, but believe me we are aware of our weaknesses and are working very hard to remedy them.

Just cut us a bit of slack guys and please don't try and portray us as a bunch of semi standard losers who can't find work anywhere else and are rejects of Cathay Pacific because that simply could not be further from the truth.

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