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Betpump5 comments that everything apart from food and socializing can be halved sounds a bit more like it
Nope. As usual, wishful thinking.
I thought his figures were accurate. If anything crwjerk was being convservative.

Lastly the $2000 for utilities is a lot. That's $250 USD a month for gas/power/water? Is that normal?
Welcome to HK!

You'll be running a/c a lot So the $2000 for utilities is actually probably on the low side.

depending on where you rent there are management fees, resident club fees , fitness club fees etc to consider as well.

I would like to commend crwjerk for his ability to go out two nights a week, employ a maid and still bank $3000 a month. Well done!
crwjerk is on a proper contract not an i-kid contract so more than likely is 'banking' anywhere between $20000-60000k/month in principal from the housing allowance.
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