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Lots of us are questioning the Romney Campaign.....they are not getting their message across....have too many attack ads that only respond to the Obama attack ads.

We want them to get down to brass tacks...tell the American people what their agenda is...their plans....their goals....what they will do in the first 100 days....make a new Contract with America sort of thing.

We want him to focus on the real issues....the Economy, Jobs, Tax Reform, Repeal and Replace Obamacare.....tell us what his Foreign Policy goals are....and be specific.

he is a good Man....and is trying to run a "good" campaign but he is not getting the job done selling his agenda for his first term in office.

As in any boxing match.....the aggressive fighter usually wins....he has to land more blows on the opponent...take the fight to the opponent....and score hard blows....and if possible.....do a Knock Out. So far he has been on the defensive.

Granted in this fight the Referee is soldily in Obama's corner, ignores all the below the belt hits, ear biting, and eye gouging....but calls a foul when Romney merely looks hard at Obama!

RGB, As much as it may distress you....the Constitution and American law applies to American Citizens no matter where we are on God's Green Earth. As much as I agree with concept these two are Enemies of the State, are engaged in Terrorist Activities....that alone does not exempt them rrom their Rigjhts under the Constitution. If we do....then events like Waco and Ruby Ridge become common place if a government official decides someone or some group are "Enemies of the State".

Now I say this too.....If either or both of these guys are in the same car....or house....or boat....or standing close to a legitimate target and they get killed along with the target.....Good!

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