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There's something about flying a big, shiny Boeing that I hadn't quite got out of my system. Those poetic moments as the sun goes down, solving problems and getting the job done, pulling off a very strong crosswind landing well and saying to the spotty in the rhs 'one day buster, you too might be able to get close to this!', the incredibly hot wimmin fussing around you..... At 55 when BA slung me out from my monthly Bangkok-Sydney, LAX, CPT (long awaited under the BA seniority system!), I wasn't ready to hang the headset up. After another 5 years with an awful unmentionable outfit, it made a difference- I was ready to pass the baton on to the spotties who were looking a little more grown up! I still find I very much miss the delights of roaring off in a Boeing (and a VC10), but the pains of simulator checks, SEP, Class 1 Medicals and all the other splinters of that stair bannister of one's career have outweighed the pleasures. The mere thought of working for a living makes me break out into a sweat! But it took to cracking 60 for that. 55 was far too young to chuck out experienced people who wanted to fly (with several hungry ex-wives!). And blow people who are hungry for your place- the rights of a 20k-hour experienced pilot trump them! If I'd had the choice, I'd still be in BA- the rest are crap, but 34 years was great. Now I am enjoying sailing, flying lights and holidaying....but just occasionally I do feel an urge to pat a Boeing, until all the implications come back!
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