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I can only speak for my Uncle Tony, but I think the 'secret' was the quality of the instructors at Carlisle. They were a certain 'breed'...strong and courageous men who possessed the personal qualities that would automatically seed a confidence within their pupils that would inspire them to succeed beyond their expectations and elevate them above the average. I know that this is the effect my Uncle Tony had on me, and I became a British champion in my chosen sport and have taken my business to the finals of my industry's national awards on 3 occasions. A strong character, a loving heart and a genuine philanthropic nature were what lay underneath my Uncle Tony's tough exterior. My mother said that when he had his Fish & chip shop he was always giving food away to children of poorer families who could not afford to give their children money for chips etc.. His occasional 'abruptness' or impatience were the result of a deep sadness and regret that he always carried within him over personal matters in his past that he felt he had been given no choice over, and I know that one such matter was his 'illegitimate' son Phillip, who he never met. Incidentally, I don't think there is such a thing as an illegitimate child, only illegitimate parents. Uncle Tony's escape from the 'earthly' matters that troubled him was his flying, but when due to ill health this was taken away from him, I'm afraid his days were numbered. Great men always touch many lives and are always remembered many years after they have gone, and to find that he is being mentioned and remembered so fondly in a current topic of discussion so many years after his passing makes me very happy and very proud to be his nephew and confirms the indelible impression he made on me in my youth, that he was a very special and inspirational man.
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