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But who in his right mind came up with the idea to seperate arrivals from departures
I think they were formerly combined in what is now the departures building but it became grossly overloaded and a new, separate arrivals building a few kms away was concocted as a stop-gap measure pending the opening of NDIA.

There was until recently an arriving PAX bus stop first at transit (on the end of the departures building) and then on to the new arrivals terminal. Boarding passes were colour-coded blue and yellow. This seems to have been abandoned and everyone now goes to the arrivals - even if they only want to transit. Which means another bus ride 'backwards' to the departures building and visas for at least some.

Let us fervently hope NDIA is worth the wait - and has a bar in departures !!! (ODIA doesn't.... another odd aspect. Most Intl. Airports are happy to take drinkers' money.) Its not as though Qatar is a dry state. They'll happily flog you duty free grog on the way out but you cannot get a drink while you wait (other than in one or two highly restricted access airline lounges). And let's also hope it has a well-regulated taxi rank. It's a scrum at present at busy times.

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