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Exclamation Extremely confused!

Hello everyone, my name is Mikhail. I am currently studying at high school in United Arab Emirates. It is english school with the english curriculum. I have just recieved my GCSE results, and so far the subjects that i have chosen for A-levels are all A*/A. Also i have started my A-level mathematics at the end of grade 10. I will soon be completing further mathematics. I am taking Music, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics for A-levels.
Now I have few questions to ask.
1) I am Russian, I have a Russian passport. I would like to find out if I will be considered as EU student when applying to University in UK.
2) I would really love to become an airline pilot, however i know it is really expensive. I have looked everywhere on the internet and there is just so much different information that confuses me so much! I need to know: if it is requiered to obtain PPL when entering university. When they say Pilot Studies does it actually mean they train you to become a pilot.
3) Maybe a very stupid question, but what is the difference between an aviation college and pilot studies in the university.
4) Is it possible for me to get scholarship if I am Russian at the UK university.
5) Could someone please give me a link about the courses at the university about piloting. Or some of the good unviresities in UK for piloting because I am completely clueless...
6) If I do go to the piloting university, do they take me all the way through from PPL to ATPL, or do I need to obtain those in different places.
Last one: Please could someone who has been in the similar situation share with me how to get up there! I have talked to my dad alot and he says he doesnt even know about the price, because it is so different everywhere else. Please I really need someone elses help.
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