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Westjet, for one.
But I'm sure you're referring to that failure of humanity called RyanAir in Europe that I wouldn't be caught flying on as a passenger let alone as crew.

HKA has been around a long time.. I worked there 7 years ago, and it was CR Air long before that.. Its only success has ever been surpassing its previous failures and debt.

The amount owed to Haeco isn't in dispute. It wasn't paid.

Spectacular growth? I was there from 0 B737 to 11 I believe before the Singaswine f*cked it all up.. Its easy to build a fleet with no need for profit and unlimited funds to procure aircraft isn't it.

As for the rest.. back to the knitting indeed. If you can't recognize the light at the end of the tunnel is a opposite bound train, you deserve to get hit.
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