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FWIW, there was a Canadian C130 that crashed after losing both on the same side. Our UTP, CM, thought it would be good to get in the sim and see if it could be recovered. I went along for the ride and to select "gear up" as his arms weren't long enough to reach from the Captain's side. Tried it several times and crashed every one.

It seems that losing two on one side at low speed isn't bad enough but when sticking in a full boot of rudder into the good engines to correct the swing, not only does it act like a giant air brake and slow the aircraft but the action of yawing the aircraft in such a way seemed to stall the wing with the good engines and we just rolled over it and went more or less nose first into the dirt.

This was somewhere between 90-93 at LYE where I was one of the Training Co-ordinators.

May not have been a factor in the Colern crash but I thought it may be of interest.

Doc C
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