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I concur with all who have written favorably about the Bonanza. Funnily enough the S35 was always my favourite too, and I was gob-smacked to come face to face with CFK at Caboolture recently, an aeroplane I've haven't seen for over 40 years.
Ahhh CFK!

Now how's this for an interesting interconnection of threads on D&G?

I did my B33/35 endorsement in CFK in the 70's (back in the days when even SE's were separate endorsements), with one Barry Hempel !!!!

I think I had maybe 120 hrs at the time and the Bonanza endorsement cost me an hour of flying Barry around the training area and the AF circuit while he read the paper!

Having survived 800+ hrs in the Forktailed Dr Killer, I like to think that my pilot skills are right up there with Chuck Yeager !


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